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【再訪芝加哥.Chicago】Day3 - Lord's Table and Andrew

主日好像沒甚麼好講的, 只是沒想到美元說要跟我一起去, 哈,她說要去的時候我還蠻驚訝的, 不過也是不錯啦。 主日後預計去跟Andrew碰面, 不過沒想到黃師母有聽到消息說我到芝加哥, 想要碰面一下, 想當初剛到加州的時候還勞煩她老人家打電話給這邊的弟兄姊妹, 真是很感動, 所以一定要去的啊。 只是沒想到她有弄炒麵要請我們吃中飯, 哇,這有點難, 因為本來是預計要跟Andrew去吃的, 所以只好盡量克制自己不要吃太多, 黃師母還問我是不是在減肥所以都不吃, 減肥是要的啦, 只是這次的理由不是這個。 一起吃中飯的有黃師母和黃弟兄, Julie 和 Frank 和他們一個朋友,美元和我。 而且我們發現很多都是台中人, 就很有話題聊, 可惜我跟Andrew約兩點, 所以沒辦法一直待著。 下次回芝加哥再去拜訪大家囉。 ---------------------Andrew’s Turn-------------Andrew’s Turn----------------Andrew’s Turn--------------- Originally I have had plan with Eudo, but he cancelled it. Actually that’s perfect since Andrew wanted to snap up the Sunday slot, now I was be able to spend quality of time with Andrew. We went for lunch. It was a nice restaurant. We sat outside, and the weather was nice. Thank God. If it were hot, I would never sit outside. The heat in Chicago in the summer can kill people. We talked about our jobs, our future and our dreams. I remember he told me that he had an idea of making the longest stroke in the world by landing a lot of panels on the street, and if people donate some money, they can make the stroke. After that, they will be able to keep the panels. I think it’s cool. If Andrew really does that, I will make some donation for sure. After dinner, we went to Museum of Contemporary Art. There was a show of “Jeff Koons”. The museum closed at 5, and we made it at 4:30. It was ok since we both could get in for free since our school had a deal with this museum. This artist made things that we could see in our normal life, and magnified them. I like the blue heart hanging in the air the most. Even though the museum closed, the shopping store was still open. Downstairs I found something very interesting. It’s a pity I didn’t take a picture. They were stuffed plush toys of…. all kinds of germs and bacteria. God. Can you imagine the conversation like this, “Mom, I want AIDS” “Oh sweetie, they don’t have AIDS. How about herpes?? “Dad, can I have syphilis?” “Sure kiddo, maybe we can get anabaena for your brother.” Actually I was thinking of getting one for my brother, but I wasn’t sure if he would appreciate that. Now I really think I should get one for him. That would be very hilarious. Next, shoping for Andrew. I never thought I would give anyone dressing advice, and it was fun. Andrew said he need some clothes form a wedding. Here is another joke. In the beginning he said his cousin is getting married. I heard as “My cousin is getting buried.” So I thought it would be a funeral. So when we had the discussion of a purple tie, I thought it could be too fancy for a funeral, but Andrew said it is for the wedding. ????? “I thought your cousin is getting buried?” “No, he is getting married.” Right…… ok, so purple was acceptable. H&M is a good place to shop, especially for skinny guys. Next stop, ice cream! We headed back to “Wicker Park” area. Andrew had the idea of ice cream after lunch, but at that time we were too full, so we just had starbucks instead. I’ve heard “Dairy Queen” before, but never went there. They had good ice cream. Since I had a very big lunch, I considered it as my dinner. The ice cream was huge! So here is the joke of “Dairy Queen”. It comes from my ex-roommate. He is gay, and he has a gay german friend. His gay german friend loves Dairy Queen so much, so he called him Dairy “QUEEN”. End of joke. We wandered around “Wicker Park” area after the ice cream to burn some fat (for me, you have to keep them Andrew). We went to the actual “Wicker Park”. It was a small park with a small fountain in the middle. Around that area were some nice stores, bars and restaurant. There was a very interesting window decoration. There were a lot of little frames, and the pictures in those frames had the meaning connecting to each other. Like “Bear”-->”Cubs”-->”Wrigley Field”-->”Ball”-->….. Very interesting. We hanged out until 9:30pm. It seemed so fast. Happy time always seemed so fast. Andrew 是一個藝術家, 表示我們兩個思考模式差很多, 有些感興趣的事情也差很多, 每次跟他出去都超有趣, 因為我跟他講我想的東西, 他會想到其他我根本想都沒想過的主意, 所以跟他聊天是一個很好的腦力激盪。 我們這次還聊到我們到底是怎麼熟起來的, 因為我來的第一個學期我們就同一堂課, 那次到學期結束我們講話的次數大概不會超過十次, 我還記得他學期末的時候有給我的作品一些建議, 那次因為時間的關係我沒用, 他倒是把那個主意用在他自己的東西上面了。 我記得是因為第二個學期他和Dave一起修另外一堂課還同一組, 有次他在木工廠工作, 我和Dave一起上課, 中午的時候Dave說Andrew也在這棟建築裡面, 他要去跟他討論一下, 我就說我也要跟, 那次一起去吃午飯, 之後好像又很少碰面, 只是有時候在路上會碰到。 真正熟起來是我快要離開芝加哥的那個夏天, 他跟我一起去看棒球賽, 最後一天又打電話給我, 因為我們去看棒球賽的時候, 我跟他說在芝加哥的最後一天我想要跟朋友一起過, 他說如果你沒找到人的話就打電話給我, 其實我最後一天是滿滿的, 可是沒想到他竟然有打電話給我, 真是非常感動, 雖然很晚了可是還是一定要跟他出去的阿, 真是一個完美的句點。 很可惜沒有早先跟他熟悉起來, 不過他大概也是我在芝加哥裡面會保持連絡很久的朋友吧。